Brimpts Farm

Award Winning Farm Diversification

Brimpts Farm nestles in the heart of the West Country's Dartmoor National Park in Devon.  It has been a Duchy of Cornwall tenant farm since 1307.  The Bradford family runs The Farm; Andy manages the estate and has steadily restored the outbuildings to create an idyllic sanctuary of calm.  Gabrielle, Trina, Shelley and Danielle run The Farmhouse Kitchen, Tea Rooms and Accommodation.

Brimpts is a wonderful place to visit in a stunning setting and has earned itself a well-deserved reputation for good, old fashioned hospitality.

Over the years The Farm has diversified from its traditional agricultural heritage.  We welcome many different visitors; The Haystore and School Room provide business guests with bespoke unusual meeting facilities; the summer Tea Room bustles with cream tea anticipation; the Cottage and Barns accommodate bed and breakfast, self catering and corporate guests in relaxed comfort.  The Farm’s fields provide abundant pitches for happy campers and the extended menagerie of farm animals, pets and acres of space for "free range" children are family favourites.  There's something here for everyone.

"It is impossible for any brochure to describe what a beautiful spot it is.  We were quite overwhelmed.
Lovely staff and comfortable accommodation. Everything we needed and wanted".  (Claire Fry)